Yoga Turnt Up

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  • Take it to the next level

    Mat. Strap. Blocks. Ballz.

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  • Build Strength

    Take your asana practice to the next level with the added weight of the ballz.

  • Increase Flexibility

    Use Ballrz to deepen your stretches.

  • Great Gainz

    Ballrz is a surefire way to take your practice to the next level.

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  • Love Ballrz – it is the ultimate workout. A perfect ass whoopin’ for the body and mind….highly recommend it!

    Arvind, Mountain View, CA

  • Obsessed with Ballrz! The classes are the perfect mix of yoga, cardio and strength training. Creative, fun and challenging workouts paired with energetic playlists. Can’t wait until my next class!

    Jenn, Toronto, Canada

  • Ballrz is a fantastic addition to my practice. Yoga is already a challenge for me, but the additional movements and weights from Ballrz bring my practice to a whole new level.

    Win, San Mateo, CA

  • Really great workout for women. I am not into pumping iron, but I enjoy yoga. And with Ballrz I get a resistance workout while doing my yoga class. Perfect!

    Ana, Newark CA

  • Ballrz is one of the best classes I've taken in years. It's the perfect blend of yoga & weight training. I've never sweat so much in class.

    Tom, Newark CA

  • Ballrz classes add such an interesting and challenging aspect to their already engaging yoga workouts. Poses and movements that you sometimes take for granted become suddenly very challenging again... just by adding two 2-pound balls. And of course the outstanding Ballrz instructors find the most creative ways to push your practice and workout!

    Neil, Los Altos CA

  • I fell in love with yoga, but I still love & continue to do all kinds of other challenging workouts. Ballrz class is so unique & amazing coz now I’m able enjoy both worlds!!

    Trish, San Mateo CA

  • Ballrz is the perfect workout for people who love to sweat. It combines core work with arm and leg resistance exercises. My body feels toned and tired when I am finished with the class. It is a great addition to my routine of running, HIIT, and cycling. My entire body gets a workout in this class.

    Jennifer, Mountain View CA