Ballrz with Hannah

Grab your ballz & get ready to crank up your yoga practice! Join Hannah for this demo video. Have a towel & water handy for this gnarly workout. Please circle around your joints (wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips) & shake off your body for release at any point during the class. Feel free to take breaks as needed. Breathe. And most importantly, have a fun kickass workout!

  • Model: Hannah
  • Difficulty Level: All-Levels
  • Length: Demo
  • Props: Blu ballz, yoga mat

Participating models in our videos are seasoned yoga students and/or yoga teachers. Like all exercises, we encourage you to please consult with your physician before partaking in any of the Ballrz classes. By viewing and/or participating in this video workout, you consent to the Ballrz Fitness terms and conditions.


Take it to the next level.
Mat. Strap. Blocks. Ballz.


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